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POS System

Our system is a comprehensive POS system with all the features you could wish for to efficiently run a restaurant. It includes payment via MobilePay and split payments at the table, saving you the hassle of splitting the bill for the guests.

Table Reservations

Let your guests reserve tables on your website, or allow waiters to do it directly on the platform. Our system ensures that too many tables are not booked, enables table merging, and strategically places early arrivals.

Menu Card

Guests can access the menu card using NFC or by scanning a QR code. This makes it easy to add new dishes, provide information about allergens, or determine the time frame during which a specific dish should be available. It's perfect for lunch or seasonal menus, for example.

Order Handling

Allow waiters to directly enter the table's orders on a mobile device, sending the order to the bar and kitchen faster than you can say, "Next dish!" Want guests to be able to place more orders from their phones without contacting a waiter? Simply enable this feature in your settings.

Call Waiter

Guests have the option to easily and discreetly call a waiter to their table. This allows you to attend to the guests' needs immediately and never miss a sale.

Shift Schedule

With our system, shift scheduling becomes a breeze. Ensure that full-time employees have enough working hours and that part-time employees get the shifts they desire. Moreover, employees can easily swap shifts within the system.

Punch Clock

Keep track of your employees' working hours with the time clock. They simply need to punch in their code when they start work and do the same when they finish. This way, you have a complete overview of the hours worked.

Table Arrangement

Divide the restaurant into sections, making it even easier for waiters to deliver world-class service. This feature is perfect for outdoor areas, multiple floors, or restaurants with tables in remote locations.


Maintain an overview of your restaurant's finances. You can check the day's turnover, reconcile the card terminal, conduct cash register counts, or easily extract statistics on the restaurant's sales figures. Our system complies with all legal requirements for digital cash registers after January 1, 2024.

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Benjamin Bernt Jensen

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Casper Thomsen

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Frequently asked questions

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No. There is no commitment on AnotherWaiter. Period.

You can try the system for free for 2 months before you decide to continue with AnotherWaiter or not.

Our mission is to be the cheapest and best POS system on the market - without binding or anything written in fine print.

When the system is fully developed, we expect to be able to offer a cash register system, table booking, call waiters, shift planning and a punch clock for a total of DKK 1.499 per month.

The restaurants that take part in the development of AnotherWaiter will be offered the system at a reduced price - and will be allowed to try the functions before everyone else.

AnotherWaiter is still under development. But do you want to try the features that have already been fully developed - including 'Call waiter' and menu cards?

Then you are welcome to contact us.

+45 40 30 10 10

AnotherWaiter is not a huge company with a lot of programmers and employees. We are a small team who are really good at programming and who have many years of experience from the restaurant industry. If you combine these skills, you get a really good piece of software that doesn't cost a fortune.

Many restaurants today have different systems for handling orders, payments, table reservations, shift planning and finances.

We asked ourselves, "Why not just have one system to handle it all?" It minimizes the costs for the restaurants and makes it easier to navigate through.

That's why we think AnotherWaiter is better than other POS systems.

We expect the entire system to be fully developed in the fall of 2024.

However, we are continuously launching new functions which are being rolled out to all existing customers.
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